Well Protected

Part of The Well’s mission is to provide safe and trusted environments for Chicago Police Officers, Fire Fighters and emergency workers to improve their emotional, relational, physical and spiritual health. 

  1. Create an engaging environment where people can be honest and trust each other.
  2. Environments will be lead by police, fire and EMT professionals.
  3. Provide referrals for mental health professionals that can help with the daily emotional toll.
  4. Provide community building opportunities for first responders and their families.
  5. Investigate potential areas of need with individuals.

Our Environments Currently Include

  1. Monday Men’s Groups for first responders 
  2. Midweek – spouses of first responders community group
  3. Certified individual counseling for all ages
  4. Marital/couples counseling
  5. Yoga
  6. Jiu-jitsu

For more information please contact Matt Blair at 312.965.0707 or matt@thewellrc.org 

For more information please contact Audra Blair at 865.773.2391 or audra@thewellrc.org